The HealthPOD

Years of development and practice feedback – the result is our third generation of interactive health assessment monitors; the HealthPOD.

Situated in a position of your choice, the HealthPOD can be left on display for patient use or enclosed in a privatised booth. Vital statistics such as height, weight and blood pressure are gathered from the user who is directed through an easy-to-use touchscreen with on-screen guidance.

How can the HealthPOD benefit you? Read more below about the concept and adjustable feature set.

Height, Weight & Blood Pressure

Height and weight is measured via an infrared monitor, and the blood pressure readings are also transmitted wirelessly to the HealthPOD.

Each touch point with the patient is designed to be efficient and simple to use with helpful on-screen instructions and guidance.

Surveys & Data Capture

Customise your HealthPOD with a range of surveys or questionnaires, as well as other media such as opening times of your practice, flu clinic information or practice logos.

Alcohol consumption, friends and family surveys and smoking cessation questionnaires are all optional bolt-ons to your device.

Information Upload & Security

All information captured by the HealthPOD is transmitted securely into the patient database by utilising the unique username and password given to each patient.

GPs and doctors are also able to confirm that they are happy with the readings which have been taken once they are uploaded.