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  • BREAKING NEWS: June 2023 - RPM has been recognised and awarded a prestigious listing on the Advanced Cloud Telephony 'Better Purchasing framework' NHSE - Find out more

Healthcare Telephony:
When every call matters

A versatile and flexible telecoms system for healthcare practices across the UK.

Patient Contact™ Powered by RPM is a specially designed cloud telephony solution for Medical Practices and associated Healthcare entities through the UK. We already provide over 1,200 Practice sites with the absolute latest in innovative telephony, bringing complete peace of mind with our life-time warranty.

We offer a fully consultative approach to meet the needs of an evolving and demanding healthcare environment, providing an end-to-end communications solution that works for you.


Reduce patient call times by up to 26%


Save up to 19% of the time doctors spend dialling out to patients

Key Practice enhancing features:

Queue Buster

Patients can hang up their phone whilst keeping their place in the queue. The call will come in to the receptionist as an inbound call making the process fully automated.

Supervisor Hub

Enjoy a clear and concise picture of what is going on with your inbound calls. See which receptionists are logged in and how many patients there are waiting.

Patient Surveys

Add a Patient Participation Survey at the end of each call. Tools like this mean you can continue to refine your practice processes and improve patient satisfaction.

Patient Contact™ can be extended by incorporating the RPM Healthpod

Integration with your clinical system

Click to dial

Save time and reduce errors when managing outbound calls.

Screen Pop

Instantly view patients details from your clinical database with our screen popping feature.

New Number Capture

Save unrecognised phone numbers, update records, and store notes such as special call handling instructions.

Prompts and Alerts

Create an alert lists to flag long-term conditions when a patient calls so they do not have to explain their condition every time.

All features of Patient Contact

  • Patient auto-call-back
  • Scheduled call-backs
  • Critical-care call-routing
  • Remote care-worker call routing
  • Post call patient surveys
  • Live call monitoring
  • Call coaching
  • Call queue buster
  • Clinical database integration
  • NS2
  • Cloud based solution
  • Call queue position
  • Estimated wait time
  • Click 2 Dial
  • Screen pop
  • Remote working and apps
  • Hub integration
  • Business continuity
  • Hot desking
  • Real-time call statistics
  • Reducing abandoned calls
  • Multi-site or single site call load routing
  • Utilise HSCN connectivity
  • Free calls
  • Directory dialling
  • 24/7/365 technical support.

Solving issues facing your Practice

  • I want a way we can handle the spike in call traffic on a Monday morning.
    Our solution: Call back
  • I want to ensure we can provide priority treatment to our critical care patients.
    Our solution: VIP routing
  • I want to have a pre-recorded message to let patients know that all the appointments have been booked to alleviate queue wait times.
    Our solution: Queue check options
  • I want to know how many calls are waiting in the queue.
    Our solution: Wallboards
  • If there is a queue, I don’t want to wait in it, I’d like someone to call me back.
    Our solution: Call Back Slots
  • I want to know if all the appointments are booked before I wait in a long queue.
    Our solution: Queue check options
  • I want to speak to my healthcare provider in a way that is convenient to me.
    Our solution: Omnichannel
  • Practices are struggling with lack of staffing.
    Our solution: the features of Patient Connect enable efficiencies of staffing
  • Keeping up with the latest technologies and understanding how they can assist can be challenging.
    Our solution: we keep your informed of latest upgrades available to you and their respective features and benefits – it’s the last system you’ll ever need to purchase
  • Practices need to control budgets and keep costs to a minimum.
    Our solution: we always keep costs managed for you and have never increased our pricing to General Practices in all the time we’ve been in business
  • Practices cannot afford to have downtime.
    Our solution: we offer several tiers of disaster recovery and work hard to maximise business continuity with our proactive approach, 24/7 support and life-time warranty.

RPM Healthpod

Enhancing Patient Access to Healthcare

Patient Contact can be extended by incorporating the RPM HealthPOD; a fully customisable, patient controlled, machine. It allows patients to take their blood pressure, weight and height measurements and calculate their BMI without the need to see a healthcare professional. The patient’s clinical record can then be updated, in line with practice protocol.

This convenient unit allows users to take their vital measurements at a time to suit them and without having to book an appointment. Perfect for GP surgeries, pharmacies and hospitals, the RPM HealthPOD benefits both the patient and you as a healthcare provider.

Benefits of the healthPOD

Convenient for busy patients

Free up appointments for your HCS nurse or GPs

79% cheaper than the same appointment being carried out by an HCA and 88% cheaper than a practice nurse

Ability to add optional on-screen health and lifestyle surveys

Option to offer video link consultations, where supported

Easy to use thanks to the touchscreen functionality

24/7/365 maintenance and service support

Our team will work with you to establish the most accessible place in your practice for the HealthPOD to be installed. We can also configure the HealthPOD to capture the data that is most important to you and your patients.

Telecoms for healthcare

Over these last few years and through the experiences of pandemic lockdowns, advances in cloud telephony and the funding available for upgrades has supported many Practices in migrating away from legacy phone systems. This has generated extraordinary opportunities for the essential improvement of patient satisfaction, providing effective tools to Practice administrators and clinicians and saving the Practice money.

 With Patient Contact, you can benefit as a Practice, as a patient and staff of cloud-hosted telephony with interoperability with your clinical systems like EMIS Web, SystmOne and Vision. Just get in touch and we’ll arrange a suitable time to take you through a demonstration of those benefits.

Award-winning communications provider to healthcare customers

Our core focus is to provide a fully consultative approach to meet the needs of an evolving and demanding healthcare environment. With an extensive portfolio and years of experience working with partners in the NHS, we aim to provide an end-to-end communications solution that works for you. We will put the right package in place to help you reduce patient call times by up to 26%.

Emis web
System one
Crown Commercial Service Supplier
NHS Digital toolkit

Our support

RPM offers support in three ways: our dedicated in-house support desk, on-the-road engineers and out-of-hours technicians. Depending on the assistance you need, we are available 24/7/365.

What our customers say

Katie, Reception Manager – Kent

We’re very happy with RPM’s Patient Contact, it was a smooth change over, everyone is very helpful, and we’ve had all our questions answered when needed.

The support team are always quick to answer and just at the end of the phone. The new callback functionality has been well received by our patients!

Katie, Reception Manager – Kent

Paula – Practice Manager- Woolwich

Amazing, that’s the word for it. Every part of our RPM experience has always been amazing.

I’ve never had a complaint about the phone system and anything we’ve ever wanted doing is always done rapidly, with care and attention to detail.

Paula – Practice Manager- Woolwich

Mandy – Practice Manager – Birmingham

RPM are very proactive, I am impressed how ahead of the game and in touch they are with our needs, they sometimes know exactly what we need before we do!

We’ve all been really happy since moving to RPM, REALLY happy, everyone in the practice and across the PCN speaks positively of RPM, no displeasure.

We were pulling our hair out and crying with our previous provider, it was a nightmare, but not anymore! RPM are so responsive, when we ask for something, its done, I sent an email today & got a call back immediately,

RPM really are excellent!

Mandy – Practice Manager – Birmingham

Rebecca – Practice Administrator – Bromley, Greater London

The attentiveness of RPM’s support team is excellent & shows we are in good hands.

We had been given an incorrect ‘Out of Hours’ number to use for our academic half day & when RPM brought this to our attention, we were able to rectify this before any issues arose.

I think RPM possibly saved the afternoon, not just for us, but for all the other practices in the area !

Rebecca – Practice Administrator – Bromley, Greater London

Kerrie – Practice Manager – Belfast NI

I was the first GP Practice in NI to join RPM and have been with them for 3 years now. They made the move from our previous supplier as seemless as possible and ensured that we would have minimal disruption to our new ‘cloud-based’ service.

RPM had a good understanding of our needs as a provider of healthcare and worked with us to adapt the system so that our patients have the best access that we can provide.

Their support is excellent, and the staff are always very helpful. I would highly recommend RPM.

Kerrie – Practice Manager – Belfast NI

Mandy, Practice Manager, Midlands

We are so glad we moved to RPM and have only ever had excellent services from every member of staff we’ve spoken with.

Congratulations to you all there for being awarded your NHS listing as a ‘Preferred Supplier’, …I must say, I’m not surprised, well done.

Mandy, Practice Manager, Midlands

Amanda – Practice Manager – Cornwall Medical Practice

Great to hear about your listing as an NHS preferred supplier of Cloud Telephony,

As Practice Manager I have found the service RPM provides to be extremely timely and efficient.

Amanda, Practice Manager – Cornwall Medical Practice

Practice manager North Wales

We have been really happy with the move to RPM, customer service is excellent and we would recommend.

RPM have been brilliant in producing the Welsh Contractual access standard reports which has been a huge relief as I know many others are really struggling with their providers.

Jane Practice manager North Wales

PM East of England

Good product, my team enjoy using it, some great extra features to help us manage the workload.

PM East of England

Strategic & Business Manager – Southwest

I’ve got to say that I think patient contact is absolutely brilliant. Our reception team in particular absolutely love it. It works best if you are able to have dual screens for all your colleagues who have it as its most useful when that screen is available alongside your clinical system rather than having to minimise it. From a leadership view its really enabled us to really be able to monitor performance and be discover trends of times when phone traffic peaks and allowed us to staff the dept so much better. It also allows us to be reactive when we need to and add more colleagues to the phones if volume of traffic increases for any particular reason. Monitoring performance is so much easier with real tangible data and having the ability for the leads and managers to be able to listen into calls, speak to the colleague without the patient hearing (for training and difficult situations) has been invaluable too and allowing our reception lead to join in a call or even take it over completely has meant the team feel so much more supported. We are also a GP trainer site so for our training partner to be able to use that system with our trainee doctors has also been invaluable from a mentoring perspective. I can honestly say that this system is a bit of game changer and can’t recommend it highly enough

Strategic & Business Manager – Southwest

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